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Jamie & Aiden @ Broke Straight Boys
Broke Straight Boys Says : While filling out his paper work, the door bell rang and Jamie showed up really early. I was expecting him, an hour later, but with traffic so light he decided to come reall [...]
Milk Man
It’s the sequel to our recent Postman video and Ross Hurston takes another delivery, only this time it comes in pints. In our very own oral tribute to 70′s sex films, amorous milkman Matt [...]

Julio @ Gang Bang Boys

Julio @ Gang Bang Boys

Bang Bang Boys has this to say: “I meet Julio at a tattoo shop, where he was getting color done to one of his tattoos. I was there with my friend who was getting a small dragon on his hip. Julio was laying on the table with out his shirt on… i could’nt take my eyes off him, he had such a ripped body! I ended up chatting with his girlfriend who was waiting for him. After he finished, I asked if he was interested in doing a video for me. His girlfriend thought it was cool, so he decided to give it a shot. That body of Julio’s is just amazing, his mid section is totally ripped, so ripped he has an eight pack !”

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