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    Soldier Bridger rawfucks Quentin

    There’s some real chemistry going on here between Quentin and Bridger. Right off the bat, they’re kissing goes from nothin’ to a hundred, fast. → Read More


    Cooper Reed rawfucks Teo

    This is an awesome video with two hot straight guys slicked up, kissing, sucking and really getting into each other! → Read More


    Zander Floyd fucks Drake Tyler Raw

    Since our members loved to see Zander Floyd and Drake Tyler fuck hard, we’ve brought them back for a second round and this time Zander gets to take revenge for that pounding he got from Drake! These guys are horny today and after some kissing Zander gets a mouthful of sweet cock as Drake face fucks him, making su → Read More


    Vadim Black and David Hardy double-fuck Gage Owens RAW

    Gage Owens is in for a surprise today, and he’ll figure out what that surprise is soon enough! To get him in the mood, Vadim Black and David Hardy kiss his chest and torso, undressing him and using his shirt as a blindfold as Gage has no choice but to let these guys do what they want to him. → Read More


    Young Straight Teen Footballer Shows us his Hairy Body & Big Uncut Cock!

    Aaron Kent is a young straight man who plays lots of football and has discovered a good way to earn some extra money is take off your clothes and have a wank on camera! And what a great job he does at his new part time career, he strips down to reveal his hairy slim and toned body and his boxers suggest something is not doing a very good job at hid → Read More


    Ben Grey sucks Straight bodybuilder Lee Tyler’s huge cock

    Lee Tyler is a straight bodybuilder, 6 foot two, skinhead, major tats, and a really big thick meaty uncut cock. → Read More


    Chandler Scott barebacks Danny Cannon

    Danny Cannon and Chandler Scott have been hitting the gym and it shows, these guys have buffed up and filled out a little, and as busy as they’ve been they’re back in the studio to give their fans some more! They take their pants and shirts off and make out, kissing gently as their cocks grow a bit bigger in their boxers…until those come off → Read More


    Vadim Black barebacks Owen Michaels

    Owen Michaels and Vadim Black are here for a morning fuck, and there’s no better way to wake up than to lock lips with muscular stud!  These guys keep their underwear on as they make out, kissing passionately and playfully rubbing their tongues together as Vadim kisses his way d → Read More


    Ayden Troy, Dakota Ford And Damien Kyle Three Way

    Ayden Troy, Dakota Ford and Damien Kyle are ready to get a little wild and kinky with some threesome action! These boys are hungry for cock and ass, and lucky for them there’s plenty to go around! → Read More


    Ronan Kennedy Fucks Jake Tipton Raw

    Ronan Kennedy and Jake Tipton are two newbies without much experience, but we don’t doubt their skills in the least, so we’ve paired them up to see what these two can bring to the table…or to the bed. → Read More